Free Software for Appointment Scheduling and Online Booking

Every business requires a viable plan ranging from planning appointments and scheduling events if the entrepreneurs want to have a  more productive team and happy customers. Various software’s  are available to make an online booking or scheduling successful. A Software refers to a program that allows customers to schedule an appointment using your website such that the appointment is reflected in your calendar immediately.

If you have efficient software, it helps create schedules for your employees, enabling the staff to spend better time on more critical tasks. Bearing this in mind, the team will have organized workflows that will benefit the organization.

Main Functions of Software for Appointment Scheduling and Online Booking

The software comes with a variety of functions and some of which are detailed here below;

  •  Scheduling Appointments

Any good software will quickly give options to make appointments, book them and keep the owner up-to-date about the calendar of events in any given week. While free Software may have been ignored, it turns out to be one of the best appointment schedule software, more so for solopreneurs and start-up businesses. On the same note, getting flexible scheduling software will give the team members and the customers reasonable time to create an appointment or even cancel it easily.

  • Online Booking

The first thing to note about Online booking with a software  is that it facilitates quick communication so that the team members get to know in advance the tasks awaiting them during the day. This makes it easy for them to plan their day, even when they are away from the office.

As such, there is a reduced error rate experience.

  • Automatic Reminders

With free software, one can always send automatic reminders and avoid no-shows. There is more control over the reminders such that there is a frequency set, the timing of the reminders and avoiding duplication to the same clients. This is one of the best features humans can hardly do alone.

  • Managing a customer Base

Using free software for appointment scheduling also comes with the benefit of accounting for the number of customers. As such, one can enhance the customer experience. Customers can also receive booking confirmation based on their needs and the staff available to attend to them at any time.

  • Online Tips

The most updated free software has a mobile-friendly interface. Bearing this in mind, the user will get credible online tips when using handheld devices and receive the same level of service. You will also get additional information to make the software more productive. For instance, the software allows pop-ups on upcoming events, loyalty programs available, or discounts at any specified period.

  • Integrations

The software incorporates integration in various options, making it more convenient and user-friendly to the user and the customers. Some of these integrated functions include;

Integrated payment options – In this case, customers can make their payments as soon as they make online appointments, thereby reducing the chances of non-payment of services offered.

Integrated voice calls or video links –  This is an essential function if the user wishes to have a video call meeting with the customer before the service is offered.

Integration with CRM tools – the current CRM tools do much more than store contacts. The software can integrate with CRM and offer digital marketing campaigns, enhance a higher version of appointments and still have contacts available whenever required.

Benefits of Using the Free Software for Appointment and Online Booking

Using a sound appointment booking system will reduce errors associated with the manual booking process and has numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

Makes work easier-   The ancient ways of booking appointments were prolonged. For instance, the customer had to make calls to your business, which means there had to be a staff on the standby to receive the call and make the booking. However, this is now easy and fast.

Better Quality Service– Using appointment software means that you are available for your customers and ready to offer the required service. This allows one to prepare in advance and provide quality service. The appointment is also made outside of office hours, and most clients like this way to book appointments during their free time.

Increase Customer return– Once the customer receives quality service, they have the motivation to return for the service. When clients miss appointments, it becomes annoying, but such shows are eliminated with booking software.

Less lost Clients as they can book 24/7– The fact that the software is available any time of the day gives flexibility to the customers to make the bookings at any time, and few customers will migrate away from your services.

Increased Customer Loyalty– There is increased customer loyalty when there is good customer service. For instance, getting automatic reminders is good enough to make customers feel appreciated and love it working with you.

Examples of  Appointment Scheduling and Online Booking Software

While a variety of software is available online, we researched and found the below to be among the best.

This is a free online booking software that comprises all business automation tools. It can be used in big companies, solopreneurs, spas, salon businesses, barber shops  and even start-ups.  

It is popular because of great pricing, notification and reminders, and online booking widgets.

  1. Shortcuts 

This is a trusted software for salons, and barbershops spa, due to its reduced no-shows, easy online booking and appointment scheduling and excellent integration services.

  1. Bodytude 

If you are looking for a salon scheduling app that will catch your customers who like it booking and managing their appointments when they want, then bodytude is a great app. It has great features, excellent prices, and online booking widgets, among many others.

  1. Clover 

Clover is a great software to grow your business, experience return customers, book online, and never miss a customer appointment.


Free software for appointment scheduling and online booking is an excellent advantage for any company. You stand to grow your business, retain your customers and offer the best customer service.

With DIKIDI online booking,  you can do all these and reduce staff administration timelines. Try it today for your next level of business.

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