Discover The Remarkable Ways God Displayed Grace to Josiah


God showed grace to josiah by postponing the destruction of judah until after his reign. Josiah was a faithful king who diligently sought god, and god responded by extending his mercy towards him.

Josiah was just eight years old when he became king of judah. Despite his youth, he was a godly leader who brought spiritual renewal and reformation to his nation. Josiah led his people back to the worship of the one true god and purged the land of its idols and false gods.

He restored the temple of jerusalem and rediscovered the book of the law, which had been lost for decades. Josiah was a rare kind of king who humbled himself before god, and god blessed him in return. Although judah had been on the brink of destruction due to its wickedness, god showed grace by delaying judgment until after josiah’s death. This demonstrated that god honors the faithfulness of his servants and that even in the midst of judgment, he extends mercy to those who seek him wholeheartedly.

Discover The Remarkable Ways God Displayed Grace to Josiah


Raised In A Difficult Time

Josiah’S Family Background And The Political Turmoil In Judah

Josiah was born into a family of rulers who did not follow god’s ways. His grandfather, manasseh, was one of the most wicked kings in judah. His father amon followed in his footsteps and was murdered when josiah was just eight years old.

Josiah inherited a kingdom in turmoil, with both internal and external conflicts. The assyrian empire was threatening the kingdom’s existence, and political instability was rampant.

  • Josiah’s grandfather manasseh was one of the most wicked kings in judah
  • His father amon also did not follow god’s ways and was murdered
  • The kingdom was in turmoil with both internal and external conflicts
  • The assyrian empire was threatening the kingdom’s existence

How Josiah Became King At A Young Age And His Early Reign

Despite the odds against him, josiah became king at the age of eight. He chose to serve god with all his heart, seeking to bring about a religious revival in judah. Josiah’s early reign was marked by his efforts to restore the temple of god and the worship of god in the kingdom.

  • Josiah became king at just eight years old
  • Despite his youth, josiah chose to serve god with all his heart
  • His early reign was marked by efforts to restore the temple of god and worship him
  • Josiah’s dedication to god led him to make significant religious reforms

The Ways In Which God Displayed Grace To Josiah During This Difficult Time

God’s grace was evident in josiah’s life during this difficult time. He protected josiah from assassination, provided him with wise counsel, and aided him in the political and military battles he faced. Additionally, god used josiah to bring about a great revival in judah, turning the hearts of the people towards god and restoring true worship in the kingdom.

  • God protected josiah from assassination attempts
  • He provided josiah with wise counsel and guidance
  • God aided josiah in political and military battles
  • Josiah helped bring about a revival in judah, turning the hearts of the people towards god and restoring true worship in the kingdom

Rediscovery Of The Law

The Story Of Hilkiah Finding The Book Of The Law

In the midst of a time when the worship of god had all but disappeared in the nation of judah, king josiah received a message from hilkiah the priest. He had found the book of the law in the temple, and he knew that it contained the word of god.

When king josiah heard about the book of the law, he ordered it to be read aloud. The book had been lost and forgotten for so many years that there was a lot of confusion about what it really contained.

  • Hilkiah discovers the book of the law in the temple
  • The book of the law was written by moses, and it contained god’s instructions for his people
  • The book had been forgotten for many years, and much of its content was unknown

Josiah’S Response And The Reforms He Implemented

After hearing the book of the law read aloud, king josiah was deeply troubled. He had not realized how completely the people of judah had strayed from the path that god had set for them. He saw how much they had been disobedient and sought to make a change.

  • King josiah mourned and repented of the sins that had been committed in judah
  • Josiah implemented sweeping religious reforms throughout his kingdom
  • He ordered the destruction of pagan altars and their idols throughout the land, and he had the temple of god restored

How God Showed Grace To Josiah In Guiding Him Towards Righteousness Through The Law

Throughout the bible, god continues to show grace to his people, even when they do not deserve it. In the case of king josiah, god used the rediscovery of the book of the law to guide him towards righteousness and the path that he had set for his people.

  • God opened josiah’s eyes to the truth of his word
  • Josiah’s reign represents a period of reform and repentance in judah
  • Through the grace of god, josiah was able to lead his people to a closer relationship with god and obedience to his word

Confrontation With Assyria

The Events Leading Up To The Confrontation With Assyria

Josiah was a young king who wholeheartedly strove to do what was right in the lord’s eyes. During his reign, assyria was a dominant power that threatened the stability of his kingdom. Despite the borders of judah being protected by egypt, josiah knew that ultimately, the nation’s safety and security rested in the hands of god.

  • Assyria, under the rule of king neco, was preparing to invade egypt, and josiah, unwilling to let his neighboring nation fall, assembled an army to block their path.
  • Despite egypt’s assurances that they could defend themselves, josiah refused to sit idly by and allow the powerful assyrian army to pass by judah without resistance.
  • His decision to confront assyria despite overwhelming odds demonstrated his deep faith in god, and his commitment to fighting for what he believed was just and right.

Josiah’S Decision To Confront Assyria Despite Overwhelming Odds

Despite being heavily outnumbered, josiah remained steadfast in his decision to fight for god’s glory. With unwavering faith, he approached the conflict as an opportunity to glorify god and demonstrate his faithfulness to the almighty.

  • Josiah didn’t hesitate to start the attack, trusting that with god’s guidance, he would emerge victorious.
  • Despite the overwhelming odds, josiah didn’t waver, but took comfort in god’s word, which assured him that the battle was the lord’s.
  • With boundless trust in god, josiah’s army fought bravely against the assyrians and succeeded, giving all the glory to god.

The Ways In Which God Displayed Grace To Josiah During This Time Of Conflict

Despite the heavy odds and imminent danger faced by josiah, god showed his abundant grace through different means during this period of conflict.

  • God gave josiah the assurance that he was with him, which gave him the confidence to face an almost insurmountable challenge.
  • Although josiah died in battle, god shielded him from the devastating effects of being defeated by assyria by allowing him to die before the battle’s conclusion.
  • Josiah was blessed for his faith and obedience, unlike other kings such as manasseh, who got into trouble for disobeying god.

Josiah’s confrontation with assyria is a testament to his faith in god and his unwavering belief that god would protect him and his people. He trusted god fully and fought the battle knowing that victory was only possible through god’s grace.

The Tragic End Of Josiah’S Reign

Josiah, the king of judah, was a righteous leader who sought to reform his nation and bring them back to god. He destroyed the idols and altars of foreign gods, extended the temple, and reinstituted the passover. However, josiah’s reign came to an abrupt and tragic end when he was killed in battle against the pharaoh neco of egypt.

The Events Leading Up To Josiah’S Death In Battle

  • Josiah defied god’s will by attacking pharaoh neco, who was on his way to help the assyrians against the babylonians.
  • Neco warned josiah not to interfere, stating that god was with him. However, josiah refused to listen and engaged in battle.
  • During the battle, josiah was hit by an arrow and severely injured. He was carried back to jerusalem, where he later died.
  • Josiah’s death was a great loss to judah as he was a righteous king who led his people towards reformation.

The Legacy Of Josiah And The Impact He Had On Judah

  • Josiah’s reign was a turning point in judah’s history. His reforms helped renew the jewish faith, and his religious practices set the nation on a path towards righteousness.
  • Josiah’s reforms also led to the creation of the book of the law when hilkiah the priest discovered an early version of deuteronomy.
  • The book of the law became a centerpiece of religious life in judah and helped future generations maintain their faith in god.

How God Continued To Display Grace To Josiah Even In His Death

  • Despite josiah’s mistake in attacking pharaoh neco, god still showed him grace.
  • Josiah’s death was swift and painless, sparing him from a long and drawn-out illness or captivity.
  • Josiah was mourned by his people, and they recognized his importance to their national identity.
  • Josiah’s example serves as a reminder of god’s mercy and grace towards his people, even in life’s most difficult moments.

Josiah was a leader who sought to do the right thing, even when it was difficult. Despite his tragic end, his legacy lived on in judah’s religious practices, and god continued to show him grace in his death.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Did God Show Grace To Josiah

How Did God Show Grace To Josiah?

God showed grace to josiah by reviving his heart and leading him to seek and obey god’s commands. He also spared josiah from witnessing the destruction of jerusalem and allowed him to die in peace.

What Lessons Can We Learn From Josiah’S Life?

We can learn several lessons from josiah’s life, including the importance of seeking and obeying god’s commands, the impact of a righteous leader on a nation, and the consequences of disobedience.

Why Did Josiah Tear His Clothes?

Josiah tore his clothes in response to hearing the book of the law and realizing how far the nation had strayed from god’s commands. It was a sign of grief and repentance.

How Did Josiah’S Reforms Affect Judah?

Josiah’s reforms led to a revival of worship and obedience to god’s commands. He removed idols and false worship practices, reinstated the passover, and repaired the temple. The nation experienced a time of peace and prosperity under his leadership.

What Was The Significance Of The Book Of The Law?

The book of the law contained god’s commands and was essential for the israelites to follow in order to have a right relationship with god. It had been lost and was found during josiah’s reign, leading to a renewed commitment to follow god’s commands.


From the life of josiah, we can learn that true devotion and obedience to god bring blessings and favor. Despite the idolatrous practices of his predecessors, josiah chose to follow and trust in god. As a result, he experienced god’s grace not only for himself but also for his kingdom.

Through the discovery of the book of the law, josiah realized the extent of his people’s disobedience and repented on their behalf. God saw josiah’s heart and promised that he would be spared from seeing the coming destruction of judah.

We can take comfort in knowing that god is gracious and merciful to those who seek him. We must strive to follow in josiah’s footsteps, wholeheartedly seeking god’s will and obeying his commands. Let us learn from josiah’s example and make every effort to please god, knowing that his grace is sufficient for us.

May we also experience his blessings and be spared from harm in these uncertain times.

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