How to Invoke Oshun’s Assistance: A Comprehensive Guide.


To ask oshun for help, create an altar dedicated to her and offer her honey, cinnamon, and yellow flowers as offerings. Oshun, the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, is revered in the yoruba religion and is often called upon for guidance and assistance in matters of the heart.

If you are seeking her assistance, creating an altar dedicated to her and offering her honey, cinnamon, and yellow flowers as offerings is a common practice. It is believed that by honoring her in this way, she will be more likely to hear your prayers and offer her assistance.

In addition to her powers of love and fertility, oshun is also associated with creativity and prosperity, making her a powerful ally to have in many aspects of life.

How to Invoke Oshun's Assistance: A Comprehensive Guide.


Understanding Oshun

The Mythology Surrounding Oshun And Her Symbolism

Oshun is a goddess in the yoruba religion, which originated in modern-day nigeria. She is the deity of love, fertility, beauty, and wealth. According to yoruba mythology, oshun is one of the 17 orishas, or deities, who act as intermediaries between humans and the supreme being, olodumare.

Oshun is associated with the sweet, fresh, and healing waters of rivers, lakes, and streams. Therefore, she is often depicted as a beautiful woman holding a mirror and fans, wearing gold ornaments and yellow clothes, and surrounded by honeybees. Some of the symbols of oshun include:

  • Rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.
  • Gold and yellow, which represent her wealth and the sun’s rays.
  • Mirrors and combs, which symbolize her beauty and vanity.
  • Fans and umbrellas, which embody her power to control the wind and storms.

Connecting With Oshun’S Energy And Understanding Her Role In One’S Life

Connecting with oshun’s energy is not restricted to any particular religious or cultural background. Anyone can tap into her universal energy and embrace her qualities of love, beauty, and wealth. Here’s how:

  • Meditate on oshun’s elements: Take a few moments to reflect on oshun’s associations, like water, gold, or bees. Visualize these symbols assisting you and filling you with light and energy.
  • Offerings to oshun: Oshun loves offerings of honey, oranges, sweets and other delightful offerings that signify pleasure and happiness.
  • Oshun altars: Create your personal altar with objects associated with oshun. An oshun altar can be a mixture of flowers, gold, honey, mirrors, and other related offerings that you want to dedicate to her.
  • Prayer: Recite a prayer or chant that references oshun when you feel a lack of confidence or a need for emotional support.

Understanding oshun’s role in one’s life involves embracing the attributes and energies that she embodies. Oshun represents qualities like:

  • Love and sensuality.
  • Beauty and vanity.
  • Wealth, abundance, and prosperity.
  • Harmony and peace.
  • Fertility and motherhood.

Why And When To Invoke Oshun’S Assistance

Oshun’s assistance can help in various areas of life, from career growth, romantic relationships to overall happiness. Here are some of the reasons you may seek her divine intervention:

  • To attract love and relationships
  • To enhance fertility and conception abilities
  • To tap into your innate creativity and artistic talents
  • To find personal strength and emotional resilience
  • To excel in business endeavors and gain financial success.

Invoking oshun’s assistance requires sincere faith and devotion. You can call on her assistance during special occasions like weddings, childbirth, and other significant life transitions. Using her symbols and offerings in your daily practices creates a deeper connection with her energy.

Oshun’s energy can be an excellent addition to any spiritual or religious practice.

Preparing To Invoke Oshun

If you’re interested in invoking oshun’s assistance, you need to be prepared both mentally and physically. This section will offer you valuable information on how to get ready to invoke oshun’s assistance.

Self-Reflection And Intention-Setting Before Invoking Oshun

It’s crucial to start your spiritual practice by reflecting on yourself and your specific intentions. Oshun is a goddess of love, and she’s associated with beauty, fertility, and sensuality. Before invoking oshun, spend some time meditating on your motives and asking yourself questions like these:

  • Why do i want to invoke oshun’s assistance?
  • What specific areas of my life do i need help with?
  • How can invoking oshun help me achieve my goals?

Think about your goals and what you hope to achieve from this invocation. Whatever your intention is, make sure to set it clear in your mind and be sincere.

Creating A Sacred Space For The Invocation

Oshun is a deity who demands respect, so it’s best to create a sacred space to invoke her. Here are some ways to create a sacred space:

  • Clean the space: Whether you’re using your backyard, a spare room, or your living room, make sure the space is free from clutter. Cleanse the space by burning sage or incense and sprinkle saltwater.
  • Setting up the altar: You can set up an altar dedicated to oshun, with sparkling gold and yellow-colored candles, flowers, pictures, or statues of the goddess. Place your offering on the altar.
  • Dim the lights: Lower the lighting or set up some candles in the room to create a peaceful and calming environment.
  • Play music: You can play music that puts you in a meditative state or music that resonates with oshun’s energy.

Your sacred space can be any space that feels comfortable to you, and it’s essential to create an environment that you feel at ease with.

Appropriate Offerings To Make To Oshun

Offerings to oshun to invoke her assistance can vary. Here are some offerings you can make:

  • Honey or sugar: Oshun loves sweet foods, particularly honey and sugar. You can place a honeycomb, a jar of honey, or a bowl of sugar as an offering.
  • Flowers: Oshun likes flowers and their sweet fragrances. Some of her favorite flowers are roses, sunflowers, and marigolds.
  • Fruits: Oshun likes fruits like oranges, watermelons, pineapples, and pomegranates. You can offer fruits or juice made from these fruits.
  • Cowrie shells: Cowrie shells represent wealth, and they’re a symbol of oshun. You can place some cowrie shells on the altar.
  • Gold: Oshun is associated with gold, and you can offer some decorative jewelry or small gold coins.

With these offerings, it’s essential to be mindful of oshun’s desires and choose items that are meaningful to her.

By following these steps, you’ll be ready to invoke oshun’s assistance. Don’t hesitate to trust yourself and the process and watch as the benefits of invoking oshun start to unfold in your life.

Invoking Oshun’S Assistance

Invoking Oshun’S Assistance: A Comprehensive Guide

Oshun is an orisha, a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in the yoruba religion of west africa. If you crave her assistance, there’s a way to invoke her power. Here’s a guide to help you communicate with oshun and set your expectations when invoking her guidance.

Various Rituals And Prayers For Invoking Oshun’S Guidance And Assistance

  • Build an altar dedicated to oshun. Decorate it with yellow candles, flowers, and images of the goddess.
  • Use a mirror as an offering, as oshun is fond of looking at herself.
  • Offer sweet treats like honey and cinnamon, which oshun loves.
  • Light a yellow candle and whisper a prayer to oshun, thinking of the specific help you seek. Repeat your prayer daily.
  • You can also call on oshun by chanting her name while playing music, including the sounds of waterfalls and birds.

Proper Methods For Communicating With Oshun, Such As Candle Or Water Divination

  • Candle divination involves studying the flames from a candle that’s placed in front of oshun’s image. While focusing on your question, observe the flame’s behavior, whether flickering, splitting, or extinguishing. The candle’s response might represent oshun’s answer to your inquiry.
  • Water divination entails pouring water into a glass and asking oshun to guide you in the right direction. During the ritual, look for tiny bubbles or water movements, which might be oshun’s way of answering you.

Setting Expectations And Understanding The Responsibility That Comes With Invoking Oshun

When you invoke oshun’s assistance, it’s essential to set reasonable expectations and understand the responsibility that comes with it. Some things to consider are:

  • Understand that oshun is a powerful orisha who might answer your prayers in ways you don’t expect. Be open and receptive to the help she may provide.
  • Express gratitude for any assistance given by oshun. This appreciation reinforces your positive connection with her energy.
  • Practice responsibility when invoking oshun. She will expect you to act with kindness, respect, and honesty in all areas of your life.
  • Understand that your actions carry weight and accountability. The invitation you make to oshun comes with a commitment to behave in a way that aligns with her teachings.

The key to invoking oshun’s assistance is dedication. Be consistent in your practices, be humble and respectful, and treat oshun’s energy with the reverence she deserves. With time and devotion, oshun may provide you with the guidance and assistance you seek.

Working With Oshun’S Energy

Oshun is a powerful spiritual force that can bring guidance and positive energies into your life. Here are some important things to keep in mind when working with oshun’s energy:

The Importance Of Gratitude And Reciprocity When Working With Oshun’S Energy

  • Oshun is a goddess associated with abundance, love, and beauty. When calling upon her energy, it’s important to approach with gratitude and respect.
  • One way to show gratitude is through offerings. You can offer oshun things that align with her energy, such as honey, oranges, or anything gold or yellow. This shows that you acknowledge and appreciate her presence in your life.
  • Reciprocity is also essential in working with oshun. When you ask for her assistance, make sure that you are also putting in the effort to improve your life and surroundings.

Integrating Oshun’S Guidance Into Daily Life And Decision-Making

  • Oshun can provide guidance and clarity in different aspects of your life. You can ask for her assistance in love, creativity, health, and many others.
  • To integrate oshun’s guidance into your daily life, start by setting intentions and creating rituals that align with her energy. You can incorporate things like honey, gold, and music into your daily routine as a way to connect with her energy.
  • When making decisions, you can ask for her guidance and trust your intuition. Remember that oshun brings positivity and abundance into your life, so make choices that align with those energies.

Understanding The Spiritual Growth And Healing That Comes With Invoking Oshun

  • Invoking oshun’s energy can bring spiritual growth and healing into your life. She can help you let go of negative emotions and find inner peace.
  • Working with oshun can also help you tap into your creativity and confidence. She provides a safe space for you to express yourself and be authentic.
  • By working with oshun, you can also deepen your connection with spirituality and find a sense of purpose in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Ask Oshun For Help

How Can Oshun Help Me?

Oshun is the goddess of love, fertility, and abundance. She can help you with matters of the heart, including finding love or restoring a lost relationship. She can also assist with enhancing fertility and bringing abundance into your life.

How Do I Ask Oshun For Help?

To ask oshun for help, first create an altar dedicated to her. Offerings such as honey, flowers, and perfume can be placed on the altar. Light a yellow or gold candle and speak your request to oshun. Be sincere and speak from your heart.

What Are Some Other Offerings I Can Give To Oshun?

Aside from honey, flowers, and perfume, offerings such as oranges, cinnamon, and seashells are also appropriate for oshun. She is also associated with the color yellow or gold. Offerings should be beautiful and of high quality, as a sign of respect to the goddess.

Can Oshun Help With Financial Abundance?

Yes, oshun can help with financial abundance. She is associated with wealth and prosperity, and can assist with attracting money and business success. Offerings of coins on her altar can be particularly powerful for this purpose.

How Do I Know If Oshun Has Heard My Request?

Oshun may communicate with you through signs and symbols, such as the appearance of a yellow butterfly or the smell of sweet perfume. Dreams or visions may also be a sign that she has heard your request. Trust that she will guide you in the right direction.


Asking oshun for help can bring immense transformation and positivity to your life. Whether you are seeking love, abundance, or healing, oshun is always ready to bestow her blessings. Remember that you do not need to belong to any specific religion or belief system to ask for her help.

Anyone can establish a connection with her through simple rituals and offerings. It is crucial to approach her with respect, gratitude, and an open heart, and to maintain a positive mindset throughout the process. As with any spiritual practice, consistency and patience are key.

By aligning yourself with oshun’s energy, you can manifest your deepest desires and live a more joyful, fulfilling life. Trust in her power and let her light guide you towards your highest potential.

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