Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: Your Ultimate Guide!


To craft a healer pixelmon, follow these steps: first, obtain a pokemon with the ability natural cure or aromatherapy. Then, teach it the moves heal bell or refresh.

Finally, equip it with a leftovers or a leppa berry. A healer pixelmon is an essential addition to any pixelmon team, as it can greatly aid in the recovery of other team members during battles. By carefully following the guidelines listed above, you can create a highly effective healer pixelmon.

Start by finding a pokemon with the necessary abilities, and then ensure that it has access to moves like heal bell and refresh. Finally, the right held item can make all the difference in ensuring that your healer pixelmon stays alive and well during intense battles.

Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: Your Ultimate Guide!


Understanding The Importance Of Healer Pixelmon In The Game

Crafting the perfect pixelmon team is no small feat, as players need to be strategic and focused while navigating the game. One key element of any successful pixelmon team is having a healer pixelmon, which can have a major impact on winning battles.

In this post, we will explore why healer pixelmon are important and the different types of pixelmon available to choose from.

Explanation Of The Role Of Healer Pixelmon In Winning Battles

The role of a healer pixelmon on a team cannot be overstated. In battles, pixelmon can suffer injuries and status effects, such as poisoning or paralysis, which can significantly reduce their effectiveness. A healer pixelmon is crucial in restoring your pixelmon’s health and curing status effects, allowing them to continue battling at full strength.

Without a healer pixelmon, victory can be much harder to achieve.

Overview Of Various Types Of Healer Pixelmon Available

There are several types of healer pixelmon available, each with their own unique abilities. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Chansey/blissey: These are both normal-type pixelmon, which are excellent for healing as they have access to “soft-boiled,” which allows them to restore their hp, or the hp of another pixelmon.
  • Alomomola: This water-type pixelmon is great for healing, with access to the move “heal pulse,” which restores 50% of the target’s maximum hp.
  • Audino: Another normal-type pixelmon, audino is perfect for healing in the middle of a battle. Its “heal bell” move can cure any status affliction on the entire team.
  • Miltank: This normal-type pixelmon has access to the “milk drink” move, which allows it to restore up to 50% of its hp in one turn while also being able to heal other pixelmon on its team.
  • Vaporeon: This water-type pixelmon can learn a variety of healing moves, including “aurora veil” and “wish,” which can heal itself or an ally over time.

A healer pixelmon is an essential component of any strong pixelmon team. With the ability to restore hp and cure status effects, these pixelmon ensure that your team can continue battling at full strength. By choosing the right healer pixelmon for your team, you can increase your chances of success in battles.

Catching The Perfect Healer Pixelmon

Healer pixelmon can be a valuable addition to your team. They possess moves that can literally heal your other pokemon during battles. That’s why it’s essential to know how to catch and craft a healer pixelmon.

Tips And Tricks For Finding And Catching Healer Pixelmon

Here are some tips and tricks to help you find and catch the perfect healer pixelmon for your team:

  • Look for healer pixelmon in areas with high vegetation and grassy terrains.
  • Dusk balls work best when catching healer pixelmon during the night.
  • Use berries to increase the catch rate of healer pixelmon.
  • Always lower the hp of the healer pixelmon you’re trying to catch to increase the catch rate.
  • If you have trouble finding a healer pixelmon, navigate to a pokecenter and find one there.

Understanding The Stats And Characteristics Required For A Healer Pixelmon

Before attempting to catch healer pixelmon, it’s important to understand the required stats and characteristics that make them ideal for the role. Here are some key stats and characteristics to keep in mind:

  • High defensive stats: Healer pixelmon with high defense stats can endure more damage during battles, as they will be hit often by opponents.
  • Good move set: Apart from the healing moves, healer pixelmon should have a balanced set of moves that will make them even more valuable to the team.
  • High hp: A high hp stat is crucial, as healer pixelmon need to be able to heal themselves as well as your other pokemon.
  • Good nature: Healer pixelmon with natures that increase the defense stats work best due to their role in battles.
  • Ivs: Ivs should be as high as possible to help maximize all important stats.

These tips and tricks and understanding of required stats will help you catch and craft your perfect healer pixelmon to keep your pokemon team healthy during battles.

The Ultimate Guide To Crafting The Perfect Healer Pixelmon

Crafting a healer pixelmon requires precision and attention to detail. It is a crucial tool for any pokemon trainer, as it helps revive and heal their team members. We will guide you through the ultimate guide to crafting the perfect healer pixelmon.

From its overview crafting process to the materials required, we’ve got you covered.

Overview Of The Crafting Process

Crafting a healer pixelmon is an essential process for any trainer that wants to ensure the longevity of their team. The method requires specific materials and a general understanding of how to follow instructions. Here are some of the key steps involved in the process:

  • Crafting table: The first step to creating a healer pixelmon is to craft a crafting table. It will be an essential ingredient in creating the healer pixelmon, and its recipe requires four wooden planks.
  • Aluminum plates: The next step is to craft aluminum plates. They serve as the outer casing of healer pixelmon. The recipe for aluminum plates requires only three aluminum ingots.
  • Redstone dust: Redstone dust is required to energize the healer pixelmon and bring it to life. You can quickly obtain it by mining redstone ore found underground.
  • Glass panes: Glass panes are essential in crafting the healer pixelmon. Their recipe requires only six glass blocks.
  • Diamond: The last critical item you need to craft healer pixelmon is a diamond. You can either mine them yourself or trade with other players.

Explanation Of The Materials Required For Crafting Healer Pixelmon

Crafting a healer pixelmon requires specific materials. Below are the materials required to craft a healer pixelmon:

  • Four wooden planks: This is used to create a crafting table to start the process of crafting the healer pixelmon.
  • Three aluminum ingots: It is used to craft the outer casing of the healer pixelmon.
  • Redstone dust: It is used to energize the healer pixelmon and bring it to life.
  • Six glass blocks: It is used to create glass panes, which is an essential ingredient in crafting the healer pixelmon.
  • One diamond: This diamond is a crucial ingredient in crafting the healer pixelmon.

Tips For Perfecting The Craft

Crafting healer pixelmon can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Here are some helpful tips to perfecting the art of crafting healer pixelmon:

  • Keep the materials you need in your inventory. This will save time and make the crafting process more efficient.
  • Ensure that you have a crafting table in your inventory because it is the first step involved in crafting healer pixelmon.
  • Once you have all the necessary materials, create aluminum plates using the aluminum ingots.
  • The next step involves creating the healer pixelmon’s outer casing from the aluminum plates.
  • Add the redstone dust and glass panes to the healer pixelmon to bring it to life.
  • Finally, add the diamond to the healer pixelmon, and it will be ready for use.

Crafting a healer pixelmon takes time and patience, but once you master the process, it will become second nature. With the tips mentioned above, you can craft healer pixelmon efficiently and use it to its full potential in your pokemon battles.

Training Your Healer Pixelmon For Maximum Effectiveness

Crafting a healer pixelmon is essential for anyone who wants to be successful in pokemon battles. However, making a strong pixelmon involves more than just creating it. You need to train it effectively to maximize its effectiveness in battles. We’ll take a look at some of the most effective training techniques and battle strategies for your healer pixelmon.

Explanation Of The Most Effective Training Techniques For Healer Pixelmon

  • Efficient leveling: The first and foremost step in the healer pixelmon’s training process is efficient leveling. You can use the experience share item to gain experience points quickly. You can also fight against lower-level opponents to level up your pixelmon faster.
  • Effective move set: Choose the right moves for your pixelmon wisely. Teach your pixelmon one or two moves that complement each other, and then teach other moves that can support your pokemon when it needs it the most.
  • Building stats: It’s essential to build your pixelmon’s stats in such a way that they complement its moveset. For example, you need to increase your pixelmon’s speed if you want it to be faster than other pokemon it fights against.
  • Affection and happiness: The higher the affection and happiness of your pixelmon, the more effective it will be in battles. Spend time with it, feed it its favorite food, and celebrate its successes.

Overview Of The Best Battle Strategies For Healer Pixelmon

  • Use your move set wisely: Choose your moves based on the type of opponent you’re fighting. For example, if you’re fighting a fire-type pokemon, choose a water-type move.
  • Use status moves: Use status moves like protect, thunder wave or toxic to weaken your opponent’s pokemon. This can significantly increase your chances of winning the battle without causing much damage to your pixelmon.
  • Stay alert and predict your opponent’s moves: You need to stay alert to your opponent’s moves, predict their actions, and take appropriate steps to counter them.
  • Use healing moves: Healer pixelmon can use several healing moves like refresh or recover, which can be used to heal your own pixelmon during battles to keep it fighting.

Crafting and training a healer pixelmon correctly takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Using effective training techniques and implementing appropriate battle strategies to maximize your pixelmon’s effectiveness will help you win battles and gain experience. So, put in the effort, train your healer pixelmon correctly, and watch it become a force to be reckoned with!

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Craft A Healer Pixelmon

What Is A Healer Pixelmon?

A healer pixelmon is a pokemon with the ability to heal other pokemon during battles.

What Are Some Important Features Of A Healer Pixelmon?

Important features of a healer pixelmon are ability to learn healing moves, high defense and special defense stats.

What Is The Best Way To Train A Healer Pixelmon?

The best way to train a healer pixelmon is through battles and using healing moves often.

How Do I Choose The Right Moves For My Healer Pixelmon?

Choose moves that heal a good amount of hp and remove status effects. Moves like soft-boiled, recover and heal bell are great choices.

Can A Healer Pixelmon Be Used For Anything Other Than Healing?

Yes, a healer pixelmon can also be used for defensive purposes due to its high defense and special defense stats. It can withstand attacks and aid other pokemon through healing moves.

How Do I Obtain A Healer Pixelmon?

You can obtain a healer pixelmon by catching one in the wild or by evolving a pokemon with the ability to learn healing moves.


Crafting a healer pixelmon is a crucial aspect of the game, and you need to do it right to ensure your team remains healthy. Our guide has covered everything you need to know to create your healer pixelmon successfully. We’ve highlighted the essential features of a good healer, including its ability to heal quickly and efficiently and carry essential recovery items such as berries and potions.

Moreover, you need to consider the pixelmon’s ability to withstand attacks and effectively deal with opponents while healing your team. By following these steps, you’ll create a sustained and winning team that can take on any challenge thrown your way.

Make sure to keep honing your skills and continue experimenting with new pixelmon combinations to develop an unbeatable team. With this guide, you can build a formidable healing team that’ll keep your other pixelmon fit and ready for battle at all times.

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