How to Get a Revel Emblem: Tips and Tricks

To get a revel emblem, complete a revel credit application and wait for approval. Revel, a transportation service, offers recognition to riders in the form of emblems.

These emblems are awarded to riders who uphold the rules, ride safely, and show respect toward their fellow riders and drivers. If you’re wondering how to get one, it’s simple. First, apply for a revel account and complete the credit application.

Wait for approval and then start riding. After a few successful rides, you may receive an email notifying you of your achievement. You can then claim your emblem in your account settings and proudly display it on your profile. Show off your accomplishment and how responsible of a rider you are.

How to Get a Revel Emblem: Tips and Tricks


Completing Revel Triumphs

Explanation Of What Triumphs Are In Destiny 2

Triumphs are a comprehensive achievement system in destiny 2, providing players with a variety of objectives and tasks to complete. They are divided into various categories, including crucible, gambit, raids, and more. Players earn points for every triumph they complete, delivering bragging rights and rewards.

Different Types Of Triumphs

Triumphs in destiny 2 are categorized based on the event, activity, or task they relate to. There are various types of triumphs, including:

  • Dlc triumphs, which are introduced with new expansions or seasonal updates.
  • Destination triumphs, which are related to specific destinations in the game, such as the moon or the dreaming city.
  • Triumphs of valor, linked to the valor crucible rank and related activities.
  • Ritual triumphs, linked to specific quests and objectives.

Tips For Completing Triumphs Related To The Revelry Event

The revelry event in destiny 2 is a limited-time event that involves completing various activities and objectives. It is an excellent opportunity for players to earn triumphs related to the event. Here are some tips for completing these triumphs:

  • Focus on the event-specific triumphs, such as the arboreal salute triumph, which requires players to defeat enemies while wearing event-specific armor.
  • Take advantage of the increased ability recharge rates during the event to complete other triumphs, such as the wreathed in laurels triumph, which requires guardians to earn laurels from ability kills.
  • Don’t forget to use the reveler’s tonic buff to gain additional benefits during the event and complete the seasonal triumph associated with it.
  • Participate in the different event activities, such as the verdant forest or the daily bounties, to complete triumphs related to the event.

Importance Of Having Patience And Persistence

Completing triumphs in destiny 2 requires a lot of patience and persistence. Some triumphs may take several attempts or require players to grind through specific activities. It is important to keep in mind that every triumph completed contributes towards the player’s overall triumph score, delivering bragging rights and rewards.

It is crucial to approach these triumphs with a long-term view and not get frustrated with the short-term setbacks. Taking breaks, switching activities, and teaming up with friends can help maintain the motivation for completing triumphs. In the end, the persistence and patience required to complete triumphs are part of what makes them so rewarding.

Participating In Revelry Activities

Overview Of The Various Activities Available During The Revelry Event

Revelry activities offer a fun and engaging way to spend your time and earn the revel emblem for your guardian. There are four main activities – reveler’s tonic, verdant forest, the springtime sparrow race, and the revelry strikes – each with their own unique challenges and rewards.

Descriptions And Difficulty Levels Of Each Activity

Reveler’S Tonic

  • Difficulty: Easy-medium
  • Description: This activity requires you to create and consume reveler’s tonic, which boosts your ability regeneration rate and grants temporary immunity to boss stuns. Completing this activity earns you reveler’s masks, which can be used to unlock and collect exclusive items from the revelry event.

Verdant Forest

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Description: Verdant forest is a timed event that requires you and your fireteam to explore a mysterious forest filled with enemies and hazards. The further you progress, the higher your score and chance for better rewards. This activity is a great way to test your teamwork and strategy skills while earning revelry tokens, which can be used to buy revelry gear and items.

Springtime Sparrow Race

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: In this activity, you race your sparrow through a challenging track filled with obstacles and enemies. Use your speed and skills to collect orbs and complete the race in the shortest time possible. The springtime sparrow race is a fun and lighthearted activity that rewards you with unique emotes, shaders, and gear.

Revelry Strikes

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Description: This activity requires you to complete special strikes with modifiers that change every week. The catch is that you can only use reveler’s tonic to boost your abilities, and you must defeat challenging bosses along the way. Completing this activity rewards you with powerful and exclusive gear that can help you in your future missions.

Tips For Successful Completion Of Each Activity

Reveler’S Tonic

  • Use reveler’s tonic strategically, as it has a short duration and limited uses.
  • Stock up on reveler’s tonic by completing other revelry activities and buying them from eva levante.
  • Coordinate with your fireteam to share and synchronize your tonic usage.

Verdant Forest

  • Plan ahead and come up with a strategy for each section of the forest.
  • Use supers and heavy weapons wisely to clear enemies and rush through difficult areas.
  • Keep an eye on your time and score, and prioritize collecting orbs and avoiding hazards.

Springtime Sparrow Race

  • Practice the track and learn its shortcuts and best lines.
  • Upgrade your sparrow if possible to increase its speed and handling.
  • Use boost and dodge wisely to avoid obstacles and catch up to your opponents.

Revelry Strikes

  • Coordinate with your fireteam to balance your tonic usage and make the most of it.
  • Adjust your loadout according to the weekly modifiers and boss weaknesses.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and the boss patterns, and be patient and persistent.

How Participating In These Activities Helps In Getting The Emblem

Participating in the revelry activities is the only way to earn revelry tokens and masks, which are required to unlock and acquire the exclusive items from the event. Each activity offers unique rewards and challenges, and completing them all increases your chances of getting the coveted revel emblem for your guardian.

Additionally, participating in these activities helps you improve your skills and gear for your future missions, making you a more effective and versatile player.


Playing Competitive Multiplayer

The revelry event in destiny 2 brings new challenges to guardians. It’s a festive event where they need to complete various tasks to earn rewards, including an exclusive revel emblem. One of the tasks is to play competitive multiplayer matches in crucible.

This section of the blog post will provide you with tips and tricks to win in crucible matches so that you can get the revel emblem.

Explanation Of Crucible And How It Works In Destiny 2

Crucible is a multiplayer pvp (player versus player) game mode in destiny 2. In crucible, guardians compete in different game modes to test their skills against other players. Crucible features different maps, weapons, and abilities that make it an exciting game mode to play.

Different Types Of Crucible Matches Available

Destiny 2 features six different game modes in crucible:

  • Control: This game mode requires two teams of six players to capture and hold three zones to earn points.
  • Clash: This game mode involves two teams of six players competing to get the most kills within a time limit.
  • Elimination: This game mode involves two teams of three players competing to eliminate the other team.
  • Survival: This game mode involves two teams of three players competing to eliminate the other team a certain number of times.
  • Countdown: This game mode requires two teams of four players to plant or defuse a bomb in a specific location.
  • Rumble: This game mode involves eight players competing in a free-for-all match, earning points for every kill.

Tactics For Winning Crucible Matches During The Revelry Event

Here are some tips and tricks to help you win crucible matches during the revelry event:

  • Use your abilities wisely: Make sure to use your abilities, such as grenades and supers, at the right time to give you an advantage.
  • Play with a team: Playing with a team helps you communicate and coordinate with other players to win matches.
  • Choose the right weapons: Choose weapons that suit your playstyle and the game mode, such as long-range weapons for control mode and close-range weapons for clash mode.
  • Control the power ammo spawns: In control and clash, power ammo spawns at specific locations. Controlling these locations and picking up the power ammo can give you an edge over the enemy team.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings: Always be aware of your surroundings and the enemy team’s movements. Keep an eye on the radar to avoid getting flanked or surprised by enemy attacks.
  • Manage your respawns: In game modes like elimination and survival, managing your respawns is crucial. Make sure to communicate with your team to avoid respawning in dangerous locations.
  • Use the revelry event buffs: During the revelry event, there are buffs that can enhance your abilities and weapons. Use these buffs to give you an advantage in crucible matches.

How Playing Competitive Multiplayer Can Help In Getting The Emblem

Playing competitive multiplayer in crucible can help you get the revel emblem because you earn more progress towards the task. Winning matches in competitive multiplayer also earns you more progress than playing other game modes. However, competitive multiplayer is more challenging and requires more skill than other game modes.

Make sure to use the tactics mentioned above to increase your chances of winning competitive multiplayer matches and earning the revel emblem.

Joining A Clan

Destiny 2 has an essential feature that allows players to join clans. But, what are clans, and why are they important? Let me explain!

Explanation Of Destiny 2 Clans And Their Importance

Destiny 2 clans are groups of players who come together to socialize and support each other in the game. Players gain a lot of benefits by joining a clan, such as getting access to raid teams, completing weekly challenges, and participating in events.

Moreover, being in a clan also increases the chances of obtaining an emblem during the revelry event. Wondering how? Keep reading!

Benefits Of Being In A Clan During The Revelry Event

Being in a clan provides tremendous support to players during the revelry event, as all clan members work together to complete tasks, increase the clan’s xp, and obtain higher rankings in various activities. Some other benefits include:

  • Enhanced communication and teamwork leads to faster completion of tasks.
  • Players can share their knowledge and expertise about the game.
  • Helping out other clan members can lead to reciprocal assistance.
  • The clan’s collective efforts increase the chances of obtaining a high clan ranking and therefore the revel emblem.

Tactics For Successful Clan Participation During The Event

To be successful in the revelry event, it’s essential to discuss strategies and goals with other clan members beforehand. Some other recommended tactics are:

  • Divide the tasks to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Assign the team lead who will oversee the entire clan’s activities.
  • Maintain constant communication through chats or voice channels.
  • Show up for events, missions, and challenges regularly.
  • Finally, be supportive and patient with others.

How Being In A Clan Can Help In Obtaining The Revel Emblem

During the revelry event, having a clan increases the likelihood of obtaining high rankings. Higher rankings mean increased rewards for all clan members, including the coveted revel emblem. Therefore, being in a clan ensures that players can work together, share their expertise, and garner more significant rewards towards obtaining the emblem.

Joining a clan in destiny 2 is necessary, especially during the revelry event, as it increases a player’s chances of obtaining the emblem. The support, communication, and teamwork provided by a clan lead to higher rankings, meaning better rewards for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Get A Revel Emblem

How Do I Obtain A Revel Emblem?

To obtain a revel emblem, you need to complete a minimum of 20 trips as a driver on the revel app. Once you achieve this, contact revel support and they will guide you on further steps.

Can Riders Receive A Revel Emblem?

No, revel emblem is exclusively for drivers who complete a minimum of 20 trips on the revel app. Riders are not eligible for this offer.

Is There A Deadline For Obtaining Revel Emblem?

No, there is no deadline for obtaining revel emblem. You can obtain it anytime by completing a minimum of 20 trips as a driver on the revel app and contact revel support.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Emblem?

Once you contact revel support after completing a minimum of 20 trips, they will verify your eligibility and send the revel emblem to your registered mailing address. It may take up to 4-6 weeks after verification.

How Can I Contact Revel Support?

You can contact revel support through the revel app. Click on the ‘contact us’ button and select ‘driver support’. You can also email them at support@revelup. com.


After going through this guide, you now have a clear idea of how to get a revel emblem in the quickest and easiest way. Remember, completing strikes, nightfalls, and other activities are the key to obtaining this prestigious emblem. Whether you are a hardcore or casual player, obtaining the revel emblem is a goal worth pursuing.

So next time you log into destiny 2, make sure you are ready to tackle these activities and earn this emblem with pride. Happy gaming!


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