How to Create a Healer Pixelmon: A Comprehensive Guide.


To make a healer pixelmon, collect four aluminum plates and an aluminum hammer, then craft them into an aluminum plate healer. Pixelmon is a popular mod for minecraft that adds creatures from the pokémon franchise into the game.

One of the most important items in pixelmon is the healer, which restores a player’s pokémon to full health. While the basic healer can be obtained easily, the healer pixelmon is a more advanced version that can be used from a distance.

To make a healer pixelmon, players will need to gather four aluminum plates and an aluminum hammer, which can be made from bauxite ore and aluminum ingots. Once these items have been obtained, they can be crafted together to create the healer pixelmon device. With this powerful item in hand, players can quickly and easily heal their pokémon without having to approach the traditional healer block.

How to Create a Healer Pixelmon: A Comprehensive Guide.


Understanding Healer Pixelmon

Creating a successful team in pixelmon can involve a lot of strategizing and planning. One aspect of team building that is essential to consider is the use of healer pixelmon. Understanding what a healer pixelmon is, and what role it plays on a team is critical to advancing your gameplay.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about healer pixelmon, from definition to benefits.

Definition Of A Healer Pixelmon

A healer pixelmon is a type of support pokémon that specializes in healing and regenerating the health of other pokémon during battle. These pixelmon have moves that restore hit points and cure status effects of other pokémon, making them a vital addition to any team.

It’s important to note that not all support pixelmon are healer pixelmon. Some may have moves that increase stats or provide other types of support, but a healer pixelmon is specifically focused on restoring health.

Benefits Of Having A Healer Pixelmon In Your Team

If you’re still unsure about whether a healer pixelmon is worth adding to your team, consider the following benefits:

  • Healing during battle: One of the most apparent benefits of having a healer pixelmon on your team is the ability to heal your pokémon during battle. This is especially helpful in longer battles when your pokémon may need to be healed multiple times. It can also be useful when facing a challenging opponent who inflicts a lot of damage.
  • Extend battle time and save money: Having a pixelmon that can heal other pixelmon means you don’t have to visit a pokémon center as often. This will come in particularly handy during long campaigns and when you are far from the nearest pokémon center. You will end up saving a lot of money you might have spent on ordering potions.
  • Emergency support: If you find yourself in a tricky situation where you have low hp and no potions, having a healer pixelmon can be a lifesaver. It can heal your pixelmon, allowing you to continue the fight rather than having to forfeit.
  • Protect other support pixelmon: If you have other support pixelmon on your team that are not as resilient in battle, a healer pixelmon can help protect them by restoring their health. This gives them a better chance of using their support moves and staying alive in battle.

While healer pixelmon might not be the most exciting addition to a team, they can make a huge difference in battles and support other pixelmon on your team. With the benefits mentioned above in mind, consider adding one to your team to increase your chances of success.

How To Catch A Healer Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a popular game that involves capturing and training various pixelmon creatures. One of the most sought-after pixelmon types is the healer pixelmon, which is unique because it can heal other pixelmon during battles. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to catch a healer pixelmon in pixelmon.

Methods Of Catching Pixelmon In The Game

There are various methods to catch pixelmon in the game, and each has a different success rate. Here are some of the most effective methods to catch a healer pixelmon:

  • Using pokeballs: Pokeballs are the most common way to catch a pixelmon. When using a pokeball, it’s essential to consider the type of pokeball you’re using and the pixelmon’s health.
  • Using apricorns: Apricorns are a type of fruit in the game that can be crafted into different types of pokeballs. Using an apricorn pokeball increases your chance of catching a pixelmon.
  • Trading: Trading with other players can also be an excellent way to catch a healer pixelmon. If you have a valuable pixelmon that another player wants, you can trade for a healer pixelmon.

Specific Locations To Find Healer Pixelmon

Knowing where to find healer pixelmon is essential to increase your chances of catching one. Here are some specific locations to find healer pixelmon:

  • Forests: Healer pixelmon often inhabit forests and wooded areas. Searching in these areas could increase your chances of finding one.
  • Healing spots: Healer pixelmon can be found near healing spots, where other pixelmon are likely to gather.
  • Daytime: Healer pixelmon are diurnal creatures, which means they are most active during the day. Searching for healer pixelmon during the day could increase your chances of finding one.

Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Catching A Healer Pixelmon

Even with the right method and location, catching a healer pixelmon can still be challenging. Here are some tips for increasing your chances of catching a healer pixelmon:

  • Lower its health: Before attempting to catch a healer pixelmon, try to weaken it by lowering its health.
  • Use bait: Using bait can attract healer pixelmon to your location, increasing your chance of encountering one.
  • Use the right pokeball: Using the right type of pokeball, such as a premier ball or a great ball, can increase your chances of catching a healer pixelmon.

Catching a healer pixelmon in pixelmon can be a challenging but rewarding task. By using the right methods, searching in specific locations, and applying various tips, you can increase your chances of catching one.

Training A Healer Pixelmon

When it comes to creating a healer pixelmon, the training process is critical to ensure its full potential is reached. To get the most out of your healer pixelmon training, there are specific mechanics, moves, abilities, and places you must prioritize.

Here’s what you need to know:

Explanation Of Pixelmon Training Mechanics

Training your healer pixelmon requires a proper understanding of pixelmon training mechanics. Here are the key concepts you should know:

  • Ev training: This method involves battling pixelmon that give the specific stat boost you want your healer pixelmon to have. For your healer pixelmon, the “hp” stat is the most crucial one to focus on.
  • Iv training: Iv stands for “individual value,” and it’s a hidden value that every pixelmon possesses in each of their stats. Try to get a pixelmon with a high hp iv to maximize your healer pixelmon’s potential.
  • Nature: Pixelmon natures affect stats growth, so choosing one that boosts your healer pixelmon’s hp is ideal.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Moves And Abilities For A Healer Pixelmon

The right moves and abilities are essential in determining how effective your healer pixelmon will be. Opt for the moves that complement your healer pixelmon’s “restoration” role and its hp stat. The following are some recommended moves and abilities that are perfect for healer pixelmon:

  • Softboiled to restore hp
  • Defense curl to increase physical defense
  • Rest for full hp recovery
  • Regenerator will restore hp when switching out
  • Natural cure to remove any status afflictions

Recommended Places And Methods For Training A Healer Pixelmon To Its Full Potential

To train your healer pixelmon to its full potential, you need to put it in strong battles. Some recommended places and methods to train your healer pixelmon include:

  • Looking for areas with strong wild pixelmon that give hp evs, e.g., chansey or blissey.
  • Finding pixelmon gyms that have strong pixelmon with a type advantage against your healer pixelmon.

Training your healer pixelmon can be challenging, but with consistency and these strategies, you’ll bring out the best in your pixelmon. Remember, your goal is to create a healer that can restore the other members of your team to full health.

Evolution Of A Healer Pixelmon

Pixelmon evolution is one of the most exciting features of the game that every player looks forward to experiencing. As you progress through the game, your pixelmon’s power and abilities increase, making it stronger with every evolution.

Explanation Of Pixelmon Evolution Mechanics

Pixelmon evolution is a fairly straightforward system, which works according to specific rules. Here are some of the basic points you should know:

  • Pixelmon can only evolve once they reach the appropriate level.
  • Some pixelmon can only evolve when specific conditions are met. For example, they need to be holding a particular item, be in a specific location, or be traded with another player.
  • Evolution changes a pixelmon’s appearance, stats, and abilities significantly.

Ways To Stimulate Evolution For A Healer Pixelmon

If you’re looking to evolve a healer pixelmon, there are a few things you can do to stimulate the process:

  • Battling other pixelmon: The more battles your pixelmon wins, the quicker it will level up and evolve.
  • Feeding your pokemon: All pixelmon have a favorite food that they like to eat, which speeds up their leveling process.
  • Using xp share: Xp share is an item that shares the experience points between all pokemon in the player’s party, making it easier to level up your pixelmon.
  • Using evolution stones: Some pixelmon evolve using special items called evolution stones. A healer pixelmon can evolve into blissey using a shiny stone.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Evolving A Healer Pixelmon

Like most things in life, evolving a healer pixelmon comes with both advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll break down below:


  • Increased stats: Evolved pixelmon usually have significantly higher stats than unevolved ones. This can give your pokemon the edge it needs in battles.
  • More abilities: By evolving, your pixelmon gains new and more powerful abilities, making it even more versatile and effective.


  • Loss of moves: When a pixelmon evolves, it may lose some of the moves that it had while unevolved. This can make your strategy less effective, especially if those moves were essential to your play style.
  • Difficulty to obtain: Some pixelmon require specific items or conditions to evolve, which can be difficult to find or achieve.

Evolving a healer pixelmon is a complex process that requires strategic planning and decision-making. However, the benefits of a stronger and more versatile pixelmon usually outweigh the disadvantages, making it a worthwhile endeavor for any player looking to gain an edge in the game.

Healing With A Healer Pixelmon

Creating a strong team of pixelmon is critical if you’re going to succeed in your battles. You want to ensure that each of your partners is at maximum health and ready to take on whatever comes your way. That’s when having a healer pixelmon comes into the picture.

It’s an invaluable companion that can restore your team members’ health and energy. Here’s how to use a healer pixelmon to your advantage:

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use A Healer Pixelmon To Heal Your Team

Using a healer pixelmon requires some preparation before engaging in battles. Here’s the process:

  • Identify a pokémart that has a healer pixelmon.
  • Head to the pokémart and locate the healer pixelmon stall.
  • Interact with the healer pixelmon to prompt your team members to be healed.
  • Wait for the healing process to finish.
  • Once done, all team members will be restored to full health!

Tips And Tricks For Efficient Healing

While using a healer pixelmon is necessary, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the most of it:

  • If you’re in a rush, you can use the healer pixelmon midway through the battle to recover a bit of hp and retreat.
  • Don’t wait until your team members are almost dead to use a healer pixelmon. It’s best to heal after each battle or when your pokemon is severely injured, rather than waiting until it’s too late.
  • Keep an eye on your team’s status. If one of your pokemon has fallen asleep or has another status effect, it’s best to address it before sending them to heal. Healer pixelmon doesn’t heal status.instead, you’ll need to use items or visit a pokemon center.
  • If you’re in a rush to heal multiple times, consider purchasing a few healer pixelmon. Place one in your base, and it will automatically heal any pixelmon you add to your party.

As you can see, using a healer pixelmon is an easy and straightforward process. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your team is always ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Make A Healer Pixelmon

What Is A Healer Pixelmon?

A healer pixelmon is a pokémon that is specifically trained to restore the hp of other pokémon in your team. Healer pixelmon is essential for teams that engage in battles frequently.

How Do I Make A Healer Pixelmon?

You can make a healer pixelmon by training your pokémon in the move healing wish. Other moves effective for healing include soft-boiled, morning sun, and moonlight. You can also train your pixelmon in the ability regenerator.

What Are The Best Pixelmon For Healing?

The best pixelmon for healing are chansey, blissey, audino, and alomomola. They all have high hp and are excellent at learning healing moves. Chansey and blissey can also learn the move soft-boiled, which allows them to heal themselves.

Can I Have Multiple Healer Pixelmon In My Team?

Yes, you can have multiple healer pixelmon in your team. Having more than one healer pixelmon ensures that your team members are always healed and ready to battle.

How Do I Use My Healer Pixelmon Effectively In Battles?

To use your healer pixelmon effectively in battles, switch to them when your other pixelmon is injured, then have them use their healing moves to recover hp. You can also use items like potions to heal your pixelmon in battle.

Always keep an eye on your pokemon’s health and act fast when a heal is needed.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Having A Healer Pixelmon In My Team?

The only drawback to having a healer pixelmon in your team is that they may not be as effective in battle as other pixelmon. However, this can be made up for by pairing your healer pixelmon with strong offensive pixelmon.


Creating a healer pixelmon is just a few steps away and this post has outlined all you need to know to get started. Remember to pick the right pixelmon with skills that can heal and support your team during battles.

This guide has also provided insight into how you can use evs, ivs and nature to enhance your pokémon’s healing ability. You should also consider purchasing important items such as potions, revives, and max revives to keep your healer pixelmon prepared for battles.

A well-trained healer pixelmon can turn the tide of any battle and secure your victory. Don’t forget to continuously train, evolve, and hone their skills to reach their maximum potential. With these tips, you are on your way to having the ultimate healer pixelmon and becoming a top contender in battles.

So, get started today and let the healing begin!

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