Ready, Set, Guac! Learn How to Play Throw Throw Avocado Today.


To play throw throw avocado, players take turns throwing avocado cards and performing corresponding actions until a player gets rid of all their cards. Throw throw avocado is a fun and fast-paced card game that involves throwing avocados (cards) at your friends and family.

The game is perfect for anyone who loves quick games that require strategy and fast reflexes. Players start by shuffling the deck and dealing a set number of cards to each player. Each card has a corresponding action that players must perform when they throw it, such as ducking or catching the avocado.

The game continues until a player runs out of cards, and the winner is the player with no cards left in their hand. With its simple rules and silly actions, throw throw avocado is a great game for parties and family game nights.

Ready, Set, Guac! Learn How to Play Throw Throw Avocado Today.


What Is Throw Throw Avocado?

Throw throw avocado is a unique and exciting party game that is gaining immense popularity all around the world. If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your family or friends, then you should definitely give this game a try.

In this section, we’ll give you a quick overview of the game, explain how it differs from other party card games, and explore why it’s gaining so much popularity.

A Quick Overview Of The Game

Throw throw avocado is a card game that requires quick reflexes, fast thinking, and a good sense of humor. The game consists of three types of cards: throw cards, avocado cards, and action cards. Each player starts with five cards, and the goal of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards by throwing them at other players, blocking avocado attacks, and executing action cards to disrupt other players.

The game is fast-paced, chaotic, and incredibly fun.

Here are some key points about the game:

  • The game can be played with 2-6 players, and the recommended age is 7 and up.
  • Playing time is usually around 15 minutes, which makes it a great game for short bursts of entertainment.
  • The game is easy to learn and perfect for people who are not into highly strategic board games.

How It Differs From Other Party Card Games

Throw throw avocado is one of those games that is hard to compare to other party card games. Here are some ways it differs:

  • Throw throw avocado is a physical game where players need to throw the cards at other players. This makes it more engaging and interactive than other card games like apples to apples or cards against humanity.
  • The game has a unique style that combines humor, strategy, and skill. The absurdity of the game makes it more entertaining than other traditional card games.

Why It’S Gaining Popularity

Throw throw avocado is gaining popularity for a couple of reasons:

  • The game is easy to learn but hard to master, which makes it accessible to people of all ages and skill levels.
  • The game is hilarious, which adds an element of fun that is often missing from other party games.
  • The game is compatible with both small and large groups, which means it can be played at parties or family gatherings.

Throw throw avocado is a fun and unique party game that is taking the world by storm. With its fast-paced gameplay, quirky humor, and interactive nature, it’s no wonder why it’s gaining so much popularity. If you’re looking for a game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours, then we highly recommend giving throw throw avocado a try!

How To Play Throw Throw Avocado

Playing card games has always been one of the most engaging group activities, but what if we told you that you could add a new twist to your fun nights with a card game that involves avocados? Yes, you heard that right.

“throw throw avocado” is a new card game that has been buzzing around since it was released in 2020. It’s a game that is easy to learn, quick to play and perfect for breaking the ice with a group of new people.

In this blog post, we will take you through the basics of how to play throw throw avocado. Let’s get started.

Setting Up The Game

To set up the game, follow these simple steps:

  • Gather a group of three to six players.
  • Shuffle the deck of cards and distribute it amongst the players, making sure everyone has the same number of cards.
  • Make a pile with the remaining cards and place it in the center of the table.
  • Decide who goes first, and the game can begin.

Understanding The Game Mechanics

Throw throw avocado is an entertaining game that is suitable for all ages. The game comprises 120 cards, each featuring a unique design of an avocado doing different things. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible, but there’s a catch: you have to throw your cards away and hope that they land on your opponent’s pile.

Key Rules To Keep In Mind

To make it easier for you, here are some key rules you should keep in mind:

  • Players take turns throwing their cards onto their opponent’s deck.
  • If a player throws a card onto the deck successfully, the opponent has to pick up the card and add it to their hand.
  • There are different types of card designs in the deck, each with its own rules. For instance, “smash” cards allow players to slam their card onto the opponent’s deck, making it harder to catch.
  • “super avocado” cards have special powers that players can activate if thrown successfully. Some cards allow players to skip turns or reverse the direction of play.
  • To win the game, players must discard all of their cards, and the last person with cards remaining loses.

Tips And Tricks For Winning

Although the game is relatively easy to understand, there are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning:

  • Pay attention to the type of card designs in the deck. Knowing what each card represents can help you make better decisions while playing.
  • Be strategic about when you throw your cards. Throwing multiple cards at once can confuse your opponents, making it harder for them to catch.
  • Keep an eye on the other player’s hand. If you notice they’re running out of cards of a particular design, throw those cards to their pile to increase their chances of picking them up.
  • Stay calm and patient. Throwing cards wildly may seem like a good idea, but it can backfire, leading to more cards added to your own pile.

Throw throw avocado is a unique and exciting card game that is perfect for any group gathering. Follow these simple rules, and you should be on your way to winning an exciting game night with friends and family.

Throw Throw Avocado Variations

Throw throw avocado is a fast-paced, non-traditional card game that’s quickly become a favorite among many game enthusiasts. With its quirky illustrations and simple gameplay, it’s not hard to understand why. But did you know that there are many variations you can try to make the game even more exciting?

Below are some ideas you can use to spice up your next game night.

Customizing The Game To Your Liking

  • The number of avocados you use can vary depending on how long you want the game to last. For example:
  • 3 avocados for a shorter game
  • 5 avocados for a medium-length game
  • 7 avocados for a longer game
  • Play with a different twist by using a theme. For example:
  • Only play avocado cards with animals or characters on them.
  • Play with a food theme and shout out the name of the dish when you pick up a card.
  • Use different types of food as cards instead of avocados. For example, play with sushi, pizza or fruits.

Adding Additional Rules And Challenges

  • Use doubles as “wild cards”. Doubles mean the same number or the same picture on one slice of avocado. If you have a pair, you can play them at any time to change the suit or number on the current card in play.
  • Pick up the avocado with your non-dominant hand or use chopsticks to pick it up.
  • An avocado that’s thrown that hits an opponent’s hand or face results in that person losing their turn.
  • Play with a limited number of lives. For example, each player can have three lives. If they lose all three, they are out of the game.
  • Play with an “action card” rule where players have to perform a set action, such as high-fiving the person to their left, before they can take their turn.

How To Play With A Larger Or Smaller Group

  • For a larger group, use multiple packs to ensure everyone has a chance to play.
  • In a smaller group, reduce the number of avocados you use to keep the game quick and exciting.
  • For a group of odd numbers, have one person be the dealer and sit out each round as the other players take turns.

By trying out these variations on throw throw avocado, you can add some extra excitement to this already quirky game and make your next game night one to remember.

The Benefits Of Playing Throw Throw Avocado

Throw throw avocado is an exciting game that has gained immense popularity in recent times. It not only provides an entertaining break but also offers various benefits that make it an excellent way to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of playing the fun-filled game, throw throw avocado.

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the significant benefits of playing throw throw avocado is that it improves hand-eye coordination. It is a fast-paced game that requires players to react quickly and use their motor skills to catch and throw an avocado. When you play this game regularly, you develop better hand-eye coordination, which can also help you in other sports and activities.

Some key points that highlight how throw throw avocado improves hand-eye coordination are:

  • Players must keep track of their avocado, which helps to improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • The speed at which the game progresses also helps to improve one’s reaction time.
  • The game’s unpredictable nature requires players to stay alert and use their reflexes to catch the avocado.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Throw throw avocado is a game that requires players to communicate effectively with their team and develop strategies to win. Each player must be aware of their surroundings, accurately communicate with other players, and work towards the common goal of winning the game.

By doing so, they gain a variety of interpersonal skills.

Some key points that highlight how throw throw avocado enhances communication skills are:

  • The game requires players to communicate effectively with their team members, which can improve their teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Players develop better communication skills as they must coordinate their movements with other players.
  • The game promotes active listening, which helps players understand different perspectives and work towards a common goal.

Promoting Teamwork And Collaboration

Throw throw avocado is a game that requires players to work together as a team to win. It promotes collaboration, communication, and trust among players, which can translate well into working or studying with others.

Some key points that highlight how throw throw avocado promotes teamwork and collaboration are:

  • The game requires players to work as a cohesive team to win, thereby developing better collaboration skills.
  • Players learn to trust their team members which can help improve team dynamics.
  • The game promotes a positive team spirit and encourages players to support and motivate one another.

Playing throw throw avocado is not only an entertaining way to pass the time, but it also offers various benefits that can help improve physical, mental, and emotional health. By improving hand-eye coordination, enhancing communication skills, and promoting teamwork and collaboration, throw throw avocado has become a popular game for people of all ages.

So, grab an avocado and start playing this exciting game to experience the benefits firsthand.

Hosting A Throw Throw Avocado Party

Are you planning a game night with your friends and family? Why not try something different and play the fun and quirky game of throw throw avocado!

Choosing The Perfect Location And Setting

The location and setting of your game night can play a significant role in how enjoyable and successful the evening is. Below are some key points on finding the ideal location:

  • Choose a spacious and comfortable room or area where everyone can sit comfortably.
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting to avoid any accidents during gameplay.
  • Keep the surroundings clutter-free to ensure everyone has ample space to play.

Inviting Your Friends And Family

The more, the merrier, right? Below are some key points on making sure you invite everyone to your party:

  • Create a guest list and send out invitations in advance to ensure your friends and family can join in on the fun.
  • Encourage everyone to arrive on time, so you have ample time to go through the rules and set up the game.
  • Keep in mind the number of players required to play the game, which is between two to six.

Planning Snacks And Drinks

No game night is complete without snacks and drinks. Below are some key points for making sure everyone is well-fed and hydrated:

  • Prepare some easy and quick snacks like popcorn, chips, and finger foods.
  • Offer a variety of drinks like soda, juice, water, and alcoholic beverages for your guests to choose from.
  • Keep in mind any dietary restrictions or food allergies when planning your menu.

Tips For Ensuring A Successful Game Night

Finally, here are some key tips for ensuring your game night runs smoothly and everyone has a great time:

  • Take the time to carefully read through the game rules and familiarise yourself with the gameplay before starting the game.
  • Assign someone as the scorekeeper to ensure everyone’s scores are correctly recorded.
  • Be patient and calm during gameplay, since there may be some unexpected twists and turns that can add to the fun.
  • Always remember to have fun and enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Play Throw Throw Avocado

What Is Throw Throw Avocado?

Throw throw avocado is a hilarious card game that involves throwing avocados at other players to ruin their chances of winning. It’s fast-paced, fun, and easy to learn!

How Many Players Can Play Throw Throw Avocado?

This game is perfect for groups of 2-6 players. Whether it’s a game night with friends or a family gathering, everyone can join in on the fun!

What Is The Objective Of Throw Throw Avocado?

The objective is to collect sets of cards to score points, but beware of the “smash” cards! If you get hit with an avocado, you lose points.

How Long Does A Game Of Throw Throw Avocado Last?

A typical game lasts around 15-20 minutes, making it a great option for a quick game night or to play between activities.

Is Throw Throw Avocado Suitable For Children?

Yes, throw throw avocado is suitable for children aged 7 and up, but it can also be enjoyed by adults. It’s a great game for the whole family to play together.

Can I Play Throw Throw Avocado Online?

Currently, throw throw avocado is only available as a physical card game, but keep an eye out for any potential online versions in the future!


As we can see, throw throw avocado is a dynamic and entertaining card game that ensures a fun time with friends and family. This game demands quick reflexes and good memory skills, making it an engaging choice for parties or a casual game night.

We hope this tutorial has adequately equipped you with the knowledge to start playing and enjoying the game, along with benefiting from the game’s cognitive and social benefits. Remember to shuffle and deal the cards evenly, keep a strategic approach, and play with enthusiasm while being mindful of others around you.

Besides, do not forget to have some snacks on hand to keep the energy levels up! We are sure that you will enjoy playing this exciting game and create some lasting memories with your dear ones. So, what are you waiting for?

Stack up those cards and toss some avocados – happy gaming!

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