How to Reduce Fps Airsoft and Boost Your Game

To reduce fps in airsoft, adjust the spring or use lower weight bbs. This will decrease the airsoft gun’s power and velocity.

Airsoft players may sometimes need to lower the fps of their airsoft guns. This can be for safety reasons, or to play in certain fields that have specific fps limits. Fps (feet per second) measures the speed at which bbs are fired from an airsoft gun.

High fps settings can cause injuries, or damage to the airsoft gun itself. There are a few ways to reduce fps in airsoft, such as adjusting the spring or using lower weight bbs. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce fps airsoft safely and how to choose the right method for your airsoft gun.

How to Reduce Fps Airsoft


Understanding Fps And Airsoft Guns

Definition Of Fps And How It Applies To Airsoft

Airsoft guns are a popular recreational activity that involves shooting opponents with non-lethal plastic pellets. However, it is crucial to understand how the fps (feet per second) of an airsoft gun can impact the game.

  • Fps defines the speed at which the airsoft bb travels from the gun’s muzzle.
  • Higher fps means higher energy, which results in further shooting distance and a more powerful hit.
  • Fps limits are usually determined by the field’s rules, and players must ensure their guns meet these limits before participating.

Different Types Of Airsoft Guns And Their Fps Limits

There are various airsoft gun types available, each with specific fps limits. Some of these guns include:

  • Spring-powered: Fps usually ranges between 200-400 and requires manual cocking for every shot.
  • Gas-powered: Fps ranges between 300-500, and it uses pressurized gas to shoot bbs.
  • Aegs (automatic electric guns): Fps ranges from 250-400, and they are battery-powered. Aegs are more popular among airsoft players because of their semi-auto and full-auto capabilities.

It is essential to understand your airsoft gun’s type and fps limits, as this knowledge can impact your game and safety on the field.

Importance Of Safety When Handling Airsoft Guns

Safety should always be a top priority when handling airsoft guns, as they can cause severe injury if not handled correctly.

  • Always assume the gun is loaded, even if you know it is not.
  • Always wear protective gear, such as eye protection and face masks.
  • Keep the gun’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Follow the field’s rules and regulations.

By prioritizing safety when handling airsoft guns, players can prevent serious injuries and ensure a fun experience for everyone involved.

Ways To Reduce Fps In Airsoft Guns

Playing airsoft is an exciting activity that requires some basic knowledge of the equipment used. One of the essential things to consider is the fps (feet per second) of the airsoft gun. The fps of airsoft guns determines the speed at which the pellet is shot from the gun.

Here, we discuss some viable ways to reduce fps in airsoft guns and ensure you have an enjoyable airsoft experience.

Upgrading Springs And Hop-Up Units

Upgrading the springs of airsoft guns is one effective way to reduce the fps of your airsoft gun. The hop-up unit also plays a crucial role in the fps. By replacing the hop-up unit with a lower power one, the fps of the gun reduces, making it suitable for group games.

Here are some crucial points to note when upgrading the springs and hop-up units:

  • Look for springs and hop-up units that reduce fps
  • Ensure the new spring is compatible with your gun
  • You can upgrade the spring and hop-up unit simultaneously

Replacing High-Power Components In The Gearbox

Replacing high-power components in the gearbox is another way to reduce the fps of your airsoft gun effectively. By swapping out high-powered gears, pistons, and motors, you can significantly reduce the fps, making it ideal for indoor games.

We recommend the following points when replacing high-power components in the gearbox:

  • Replace high-power gears, pistons, and motors with low-power ones
  • Ensure you replace only the high-power components
  • Be aware of how to disassemble the gearbox before attempting

Changing The Air Nozzle And Cylinder Head

Changing the air nozzle and cylinder head to low-power ones can also assist in reducing the fps of your airsoft gun. This solution is typically suitable for players using aeg guns that can shoot up to 500fps.

Here are some fundamental tips to keep in mind when changing the air nozzle and cylinder head:

  • Change both the air nozzle and cylinder head
  • Get a low-power air nozzle and cylinder head that suits your airsoft gun
  • Take care when disassembling the gun’s internal components

Using A Lower Weight Bb

Using a heavier bb makes the airsoft gun shoot at higher fps; similarly, using a lower weight bb can reduce the fps of your gun. Therefore, using a lower weight bb can reduce the velocity of the bbs, translating to reduced fps.

Here are a few points to consider when using a lower weight bb:

  • Use a lower weight bb than the recommended weight for your gun
  • Ensure you balance the lower weight bb with the hop-up adjustment
  • Understand that using lower weight bb can change the trajectory of the bb

Reducing the fps of your airsoft gun is crucial to ensure you don’t exceed the fps limit in your games and stay safe. By upgrading springs and hop-up units, replacing high-power components in the gearbox, changing the air nozzle and cylinder head, and using a lower weight bb, you can safely reduce the fps of your airsoft gun.

By keeping the tips outlined above in mind, you’ll ensure you have an enjoyable and safe airsoft experience.


Improving Your Airsoft Game

Airsoft is a game that requires both tactical and technical skills to succeed. It’s always essential to aim for accuracy and speed to emerge victorious over your opponents. With that said, let’s dive into some techniques that you can use to improve your airsoft gameplay.

Importance Of Accuracy In Airsoft

Before we dive into the techniques that you can use to improve your accuracy, you must understand why it’s essential to have accuracy in airsoft. Here are some reasons:

  • Accuracy determines how often your shots hit their targets.
  • Since airsoft guns have limited ammunition, having accurate shots will increase your chances of hitting your targets with fewer attempts.
  • Precision will allow you to take down your opponents without wasting your shots.

Tips For Improving Accuracy Through Adjusting Hop-Up, Sight Alignment, And Trigger Control

There are various techniques that you can use to improve your accuracy in airsoft. Here are some tips:

  • Adjust your hop-up: This technique adjusts the backspin of your bbs, which can affect their trajectory. By adjusting your hop-up, you can control the distance and height of your shots.
  • Sight alignment: Proper sight alignment means that your aim is precise. Make sure to line up your front and rear sights with your target as accurately as possible.
  • Trigger control: Having a steady and smooth trigger pull while aiming is crucial to avoid shaking your gun. If you anticipate the shot, it may lead to undershooting or overshooting, making it difficult to hit your target.

Benefits Of Reducing Fps In Practical Game Situations

Beyond accuracy, reducing the fps (feet per second) of your airsoft gun can bring some practical advantages. Here are some benefits:

  • Reduced chance of injuries: Reducing fps can decrease the velocity of the bb, lowering the chance of causing severe injuries.
  • Longer engagement distance: Lower fps allows for a longer engagement distance, providing players with more tactical options in the field.
  • Longevity of airsoft gun: Running your gun at a lower fps may help to extend its longevity, as it can lower the wear and tear on the internal parts of the gun.

Having accuracy in airsoft is vital to succeed in the game. By implementing the methods discussed above, you’ll undoubtedly improve your airsoft gameplay and give yourself and team a better chance of succeeding.

Maintaining Your Airsoft Gun After Fps Reduction

Airsoft guns are not just toys, they require proper maintenance to avoid damage and ensure optimum performance. After reducing the fps of your airsoft gun, you need to focus on proper cleaning and maintenance to avoid any mishaps. Here are some crucial aspects you need to keep in mind:

Proper Cleaning And Maintenance To Prevent Damage To The Gun

  • Always use a cleaning rod to remove any debris from the barrel. Insert a cleaning patch with a small amount of cleaning solution to avoid any damage to the barrel.
  • Don’t forget to clean the hop-up chamber and rubber seal on a regular basis, as these are crucial parts for accurate shooting.
  • Airsoft guns have many moving parts that need lubrication. Use silicone oil to lubricate the parts that need it.
  • When not in use, store your airsoft gun in a cool and dry place.

Recommended Tools And Techniques For Maintenance

  • A cleaning rod and cleaning patches are essential tools for proper cleaning and maintenance of an airsoft gun.
  • Make sure you have silicone oil to lubricate the moving parts of your gun.
  • Use a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of your gun.

Importance Of Regularly Checking The Fps Of Your Airsoft Gun

  • Regularly check the fps of your airsoft gun to ensure it is functioning within the proper limits.
  • Shooting your gun with a higher fps than allowed can result in damage or injury while playing airsoft.
  • A gun chronograph is a useful tool to ensure that your gun is operating within the given limits.

Maintaining your airsoft gun after fps reduction requires dedication and proper tools. Make sure to follow these guidelines for proper maintenance so that you can enjoy playing with your airsoft gun safely and accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Reduce Fps Airsoft

How Can I Reduce Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

To reduce fps on your airsoft gun, you can change the spring or use a weaker gas. You can also install an fps reducer that replaces the air nozzle in your gun’s gearbox.

Can I Reduce Fps By Using Lighter Bbs?

Using lighter bbs can reduce fps, but it may also negatively affect accuracy and range. It’s important to find the right balance between fps, accuracy, and consistency when choosing bb weight.

Why Should I Reduce The Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

Reducing the fps on your airsoft gun can help make it safer for gameplay. Lower fps means less potential for injury or damage to equipment. It can also help ensure that you meet fps regulations at certain airsoft events.

How Do I Measure The Fps Of My Airsoft Gun?

You can measure the fps of your airsoft gun using an fps chronograph. Chronographs are available for purchase or can often be found at your local airsoft field or gun shop. Make sure to take multiple readings for accuracy.

What Fps Should I Aim For In My Airsoft Gun?

The recommended fps for airsoft guns depends on the regulations of the specific game or event you plan to participate in. It’s important to check the regulations beforehand and adjust your gun accordingly to avoid penalties or disqualification.

Can I Reduce Fps On An Electric Airsoft Gun?

Yes, you can reduce fps on an electric airsoft gun by changing the spring or using a weaker battery. Installing an fps reducer can also be an option for some electric guns.


To sum up, reducing fps in airsoft can be done by various means. These include changing the spring, nozzle, piston head, and cylinder head. Making adjustments in the hop-up, barrel, and bbs can also impact fps. However, it is essential to note that reducing fps can affect the output and range of the airsoft gun.

Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize safety and ensure that the modifications made are in line with the regulations set by the airsoft community. By following the guidelines, players can enjoy the game while ensuring that they and their fellow players are safe.

We hope that this guide has provided useful insights and information on how to reduce fps for airsoft guns. Apply the recommended tips, and enjoy your airsoft gun safely and responsibly.


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