How To Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real: Unveiling the Truth

To tell if a scarab bracelet is real, check for markings on the underside of the scarab. Genuine scarabs often have hieroglyphic inscriptions or other identifying symbols.

Scarab bracelets are popular for their unique design and historical significance. These bracelets often feature a beetle-shaped charm, known as a “scarab. ” While these pieces can be beautiful and valuable, it’s important to ensure their authenticity before making a purchase.

One way to determine if a scarab bracelet is genuine is to examine the underside of the scarab for markings. Authentic scarabs are often engraved with hieroglyphics or other identifying symbols. Additionally, genuine scarabs will typically be made of materials that were commonly used in ancient egypt, such as faience, carnelian, or lapis lazuli. Knowing how to identify the marks of a real scarab bracelet can help you appreciate the history and value behind this piece of jewelry.

How To Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real


The Meaning Of Scarab Bracelets

The Meaning Behind The Scarab Amulet

The scarab amulet is a type of ancient egyptian artifact hand-carved from green jasper. It was believed to symbolize the concept of rebirth and eternal life, often used as a talisman to protect the dead and lead them through their journey in the afterlife.

Scarab amulets were usually crafted in the shape of the dung beetle, which was a sacred insect in ancient egypt. Here are some key points about the meaning of the scarab amulet:

  • Scarab beetles were seen as powerful symbols of transformation, resurrection, and regeneration in ancient egyptian mythology.
  • The beetle’s ability to bury itself in the ground and emerge as a new creature was seen as a metaphor for the cycle of life and death, and the journey through the underworld.
  • In hieroglyphs, the word “to become” is represented by the image of a scarab, emphasizing the beetle’s association with transformation and renewal.
  • Scarab amulets were often inscribed with prayers, spells, or other magical incantations to amplify their power as protective talismans.

The Significance Of Scarab Bracelets In Ancient Egyptian Myths And Culture

In addition to the scarab amulet, scarab bracelets also held great significance in ancient egyptian myths and culture. They were worn as symbols of prestige, power, and protection, and were often given as gifts to royalty and other notable figures.

Here are some key points about the significance of scarab bracelets in ancient egyptian culture:

  • Scarab bracelets were often made from gold or other precious metals and adorned with colorful gemstones, adding to their value and symbolism.
  • Many scarab bracelets featured intricate engravings or images of the sacred scarab beetle, emphasizing their connection to rebirth and regeneration.
  • Scarab bracelets were also believed to possess protective powers, warding off evil spirits and offering divine blessings.
  • Scarab bracelets were often included in burials to offer the deceased protection and guidance in the afterlife.

How Scarab Bracelets Have Evolved Over Time

Scarab bracelets have evolved significantly over time, reflecting changing cultural and artistic trends. While the basic symbolism of the scarab beetle remains constant, scarab bracelets have taken on many different forms and styles throughout history. Here are some key points about the evolution of scarab bracelets:

  • Ancient egyptian scarab bracelets were often made from precious metals and adorned with colorful gemstones, reflecting the wealth and status of the wearer.
  • During the victorian era, scarab bracelets experienced a resurgence in popularity, often designed as intricate pieces of jewelry featuring delicate metalwork and intricate engravings.
  • Scarab bracelets also became popular during the art deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s, often incorporating bold geometric designs and stylized interpretations of the sacred scarab beetle.
  • In modern times, scarab bracelets continue to be popular symbols of rebirth, renewal, and protection, often designed with contemporary interpretations of ancient egyptian motifs.

Identifying A Genuine Scarab Bracelet

How To Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real

Ancient egyptian civilization left behind a rich legacy of art that includes scarab bracelets, which can now be found in antiques and souvenir shops. However, not all scarab bracelets may be genuine. This article aims to help you identify the physical characteristics of genuine scarab bracelets and distinguish them from fake ones.

Read on to learn more about common materials used in authentic scarab bracelets and how to spot differences between genuine and fake scarab bracelets.

Physical Characteristics Of A Genuine Scarab Bracelet

To determine if a scarab bracelet is authentic, there are physical characteristics to look for, such as:

  • The presence of hieroglyphs that spell out the name of a pharaoh which indicates that it was crafted during that pharaoh’s reign.
  • One-piece carving, which means that the bracelet was carved out of a single stone, usually in the shape of a scarab beetle. This type of carving was common in ancient egyptian jewelry.
  • The bracelet should be heavy and have a slightly rough texture or some primitive carving touch. Genuine scarab bracelets were handmade and not mass-produced in factories.
  • The age of the bracelet can be determined by the color of the material and the condition of the stone. Older bracelets often have a darker color and may have chips or other signs of wear.

Common Materials Used In Authentic Scarab Bracelets

Materials used in crafting scarab bracelets varied depending on the era they were made in. Some of the more common materials include:

  • Faience, shiny and glass-like with a turquoise blue hue, is more commonly used in bracelets from the early dynasties and looks similar to turquoise.
  • Steatite, an opaque material that is gray or greenish-grey, was popular in the new kingdom period.
  • Amethyst and other precious materials were sometimes used in scarab bracelets for the upper classes of society.

Comparison Of Genuine Scarab Bracelets To Fake Ones

To distinguish between genuine and fake scarab bracelets, you must check the details closely. Here are some comparisons to look for:

  • Genuine scarab bracelets are often heavy and have a rough texture. Counterfeit scarab bracelets are usually lightweight and often have an overly polished finish.
  • Authentic scarab bracelets have hieroglyphs and are often hand-carved, while fake ones are often cast from a mold or lack the distinctive signs of ancient egyptian craftsmanship.
  • A genuine scarab bracelet will show some signs of age and wear, while a fake one may appear brand new or too perfect.

To identify genuine scarab bracelets, pay attention to the physical characteristics, materials, and details of the bracelet. Remember that authentic scarab bracelets are often handmade and have the signs of craftsmanship that distinguish them from mass-produced counterfeits. Happy hunting!


The Market For Scarab Bracelets

The Global Scarab Bracelet Market

Scarab bracelets have become increasingly popular in the jewelry market, with many consumers seeking out this unique and historical piece of jewelry. Here are some points to consider regarding the global scarab bracelet market:

  • Scarab bracelets are associated with egyptian history and were often worn as amulets in ancient times.
  • The popularity of scarab bracelets has grown worldwide, making it a sought-after accessory in the fashion industry.
  • The growing interest in vintage jewelry has contributed to the rise in demand for scarab bracelets, with collectors seeking unique and rare pieces.
  • Scarab bracelets can be found in a variety of materials, including gold, silver, and faience, with each material adding to the value of the piece.

Common Places To Purchase Scarab Bracelets

If you wish to purchase a scarab bracelet, there are several places you can look. Here are some common places to find scarab bracelets:

  • Jewelry stores that offer vintage and antique pieces often have scarab bracelets as part of their collection.
  • Online marketplaces such as etsy, ebay, and amazon often have scarab bracelets for sale, making them accessible to consumers worldwide.
  • Auction houses such as christie’s and sotheby’s often have scarab bracelets as part of their jewelry auctions, offering unique and valuable pieces.

Factors That Affect Scarab Bracelet Prices

When purchasing a scarab bracelet, several factors can affect the price. Here are some points to consider:

  • The material of the scarab bracelet greatly affects its value, with pieces made of gold and precious gems having a significantly higher price point.
  • The condition of the scarab bracelet is crucial, with any damage or missing components lowering its value.
  • Rarity and age also play a significant role in determining the price of a scarab bracelet, with older and unique pieces being more valuable.
  • The reputation and quality of the jeweler who created the scarab bracelet can also affect its price, with pieces made by well-known and reputable jewelers having a higher value.

Understanding the global scarab bracelet market, knowing where to purchase them, and being aware of the factors that affect their price will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a scarab bracelet. Remember to consider the material, condition, rarity, and jeweler when determining the value of a scarab bracelet.

Ensuring Authenticity

When it comes to buying scarab bracelets, ensuring authenticity is crucial to avoid getting scammed. Here are some ways to ensure you are getting the real deal:

  • The importance of purchasing scarab bracelets from reputable sources: Always purchase scarab bracelets from reputable sources who are known for their authenticity. Do your research and read reviews to verify the authenticity of the seller.
  • Getting a scarab bracelet appraised: If you’re not sure about the authenticity of your scarab bracelet, getting it appraised by an expert is a great way to ensure the piece is genuine.
  • Preservation and maintenance of scarab bracelets: Proper preservation and maintenance of your scarab bracelet can also help in ensuring its authenticity. Keep the bracelet away from moisture and extreme temperatures and store it in a safe place.

When it comes to preserving and maintaining scarab bracelets, it’s worth investing time and effort to keep your jewelry looking great. Here are some tips:

  • Store the bracelet in a safe place: Keeping scarab bracelets in a dry and cool place is vital to protect the delicate materials from any form of damage.
  • Avoid contact with water: Do not wear a scarab bracelet while swimming, showering, or when engaging in water activities. Water can cause damage to the metals and stones used to make the bracelet.
  • Clean the bracelet gently: Scarab bracelets should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the stone or metal.
  • Get professional maintenance: It is recommended to take your scarab bracelet to a professional jeweler for maintenance every year.

When it comes to scarab bracelets, the key is to invest in quality and authenticity. A genuine and well-preserved scarab bracelet is an investment that is worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real

What Is A Scarab Bracelet?

A scarab bracelet is a piece of jewelry from ancient egypt that features a scarab beetle design. It has spiritual significance and is still popular today.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Real Scarab Bracelet?

Real scarab bracelets are made of precious metals like gold or silver. They have intricate designs, hieroglyphs, and symbols. They are handmade and not mass-produced.

How Can You Tell If A Scarab Bracelet Is Real?

Use a magnifying glass to identify the quality of craftsmanship and check for hallmarks on the jewelry. Look for natural signs of aging, like patina or discoloration.

Where Can You Buy A Scarab Bracelet?

Scarab bracelets can be found at antique stores, online marketplaces, and through jewelry dealers. Look for reputable sellers with verified authentic products.

How Do You Take Care Of A Scarab Bracelet?

Avoid exposing it to water, harsh chemicals, or direct sunlight. Use a soft cloth to clean it and store it in a protective bag or box when not wearing it.


As you can see, distinguishing between an authentic scarab bracelet and a fake one can be a daunting challenge, but it is a task that can be accomplished with the right tools and knowledge. By carefully examining the materials and craftsmanship of the piece, as well as taking note of any suspicious discrepancies, you can confidently determine whether or not the bracelet in question is genuine.

Remember to always buy from a reliable source and to seek the advice of a professional before making a purchase. Overall, knowing how to tell if a scarab bracelet is real is not only beneficial for collectors and enthusiasts, but it is also an important skill for anyone who wants to make an informed and responsible purchase.

With these tips in mind, may you embark on your next antique adventure with confidence and ease.


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